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IV Hydration &
Vitamin Therapy


Live Life Alive

by improving your overall health, wellness, and beauty goals.



I'm Jennifer,

Serial Entrepreneur & Nurse Practitioner

Born and raised in a small underserved Mississippi town, Jennifer was always intrigued about great health and beauty. She obtained the necessary knowledge to understand the importance and effects of healthy living. Health and wellness promotion became a top priority as a medical professional, in which Alive Hydration & Wellness was born. Our passion is to help individuals achieve their optimal health and wellness goals via alternative nutrient hydration and injection treatment with vitamins and minerals. At Alive Hydration & Wellness, we want to raise the wellness bar by showing Hattiesburg Mississippi and surrounding areas how they can ‘live life alive’ once again!

Let's Play A Game

Give yourself 1 point for everything you could use MORE of in your life! 


More energy & focus

More clarity in your thoughts

Freedom from migraines & fatigue

Tissue repair

Increased skeletal muscle recovery

Vitamin metabolism boosters

Relief from nausea after alcohol consumption

If you scored at least 2 points,
I’d love to help you with your 
wellness goals!


For many people, the management
of chronic dehydration and healthy skin is a great boost to their quality of life.


What Is Hydration Therapy?

IV, or intravenous therapy, is the method of delivering
nourishing vitamins or minerals into the vein. 
This allows a higher concentration of vitamins and 
nutrients to be absorbed quicker and more 
efficiently into your bloodstream.

Who Is This For?

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IV therapy treatments are perfect for anyone wanting to have

more energy, be more hydrated, surgery recover, preventing

colds, jetlag recovery, recovery from athletic injuries, or preparing

for athletic events, dealing with chronic medical issues,
and so much more. 


The ideal person who regularly enjoys receiving IV
treatments are people who:

-Work a full-time job and are constantly busy
-Drink a lot of sugary beverages or eat poorly, and need a hydration boost
-Play sports and need to recover athletic performance quickly
-Want an immediate boost of energy to prepare for a trip or event
-Need recovery from hangovers without playing the waiting game

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How IV Therapy Is Different


Get the SPECIFIC nutrients your body needs
and stop taking random supplements


It’s quick and easy to have administered
to you, with the average drip taking 30 minutes


The nutrients are instantly 100 % absorbed into your
body, versus the partial absorption with oral vitamins


Your body is over 80% water! Staying hydrated is
a non-negotiable for a healthy lifestyle

Our Alive Hydration Therapy Drips 

These are a few of our most popular hydration infusions for on location treatments. 
Browse the menu below or head over to our scheduling page to find the perfect treatment to fit your wellness needs.

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best used for: overall wellness

This drip is the gold standard for overall wellness!
Benefits include stress relief, increased immunity, and alleviation from chronic symptoms, including pain, asthma and migraines. This drip is loaded with Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, B-complex and B12 to give you the best feeling ever!

open pill circle.png
best used for: immunity support

This drip helps to improve your immune system, faster healing/recovery from illness or surgery and helps with cold/viral symptoms.

Loaded with Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, B12 and Zinc to give your body the immunity boost it needs!

needle circle.png
best used for: athletic recovery

This drip is most loved by athletes! It helps with recovering your body post-workouts by replenishing lost nutrients. This drip also helps to fuel muscles and gives you an endurance boost.

The MVP Drip is loaded with B-complex, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), B12, Mineral and Amino Blend. Gluatathione is a great add-on for this drip! (hint)

martini circle.png
best used for: hangover recovery

The After Party drip helps to replenish the body of vitamins, supply hydration, and eliminate feelings of nausea. It’s also useful for PMS, cramping, migraines/headaches and stress relief. This drip is loaded with Mineral blend, Vitamin C, B-complex and Zofran.

open pill circle-1.png
best used for: inner beauty

This drip helps with hair, skin and nails from the inside, out! It’s loaded with Vitamin C, 
B-complex, Biotin and a Glutathione Push.  Known as the little black dress drip because it gives women an amazing glow to their skin. Its anti-aging collagen booster effects help to clear and brighten the skin for more radiance and a refreshed appearance.

open pill circle-2.png
best used for: energy

The Energizer drip is perfect for combatting fatigue and decreased energy levels. It also helps to enhance your mood, give you better sleep and boost immunity. It’s also fabulous at providing relief from jet lag.

This drip is loaded with B-Complex, B12 and Mineral blend to give you that energy boost your body has been craving.

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